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In our Istanbul Food Guide we discover 42 different dishes, including traditional dishes from Turkey and other Middle Eastern dishes that are easy to find in the city. We cover everything from the basics of eating in Istanbul to the best restaurants and restaurants you can read about in your Istanbul travel guide.

We also give tips on where to find the best food in Istanbul, Turkey, and offer a list of the city's most popular restaurants as well as some tips and tricks. Turkish tea and coffee is famous and served in too special Turkish cups, so it is a must in Istanbul. You can read more about Turkish tea and drink in Turkey on our best page in Ankara, and about Turkish breakfast and the best place to do it on this page.

If you are visiting Istanbul for just a few days or so, this delicious Turkish cuisine is a great opportunity to sample as many authentic dishes in as little time as possible and to get to know the food culture in Istanbul. If you get hungry on the go, be sure to experiment with some of the delicious top street food to try in and around Istanbul, Turkey. It is a short side trip to Istanbul and you want to get your bearings quickly on the first day and introduce yourself to Turkish cuisine. If you are in Ankara or Istanbul to see the best sights, be sure to visit the best restaurants - try the food in Turkey and some tips and tricks.

Tuba from Istanbul Food says: "The best kebab shops in Istanbul don't have to behave, but if you eat there, I have zero quarrel with you. I would say one of the must - try food in Turkey for the first day of your trip to Istanbul If Iskender

It is absolutely delicious and should be part of your menu in Istanbul, and you will discover some delicious places to enjoy traditional street food.

The market offers a variety of cheeses as well as many other Turkish and Istanbul dishes to try. During one tour we tasted different cheeses from different parts of the city, such as Taksim, Istanbul, Konya and Bosphorus.

Although the abundance of food left little room for desserts, we left Istanbul with a feeling of satisfaction after we had all tasted Istanbul - of - a - kind of Turkish delicacies.

I hope you love this guide to where to get vegetarian food in Istanbul, and scroll down for a list of Turkish street food we prepare. When exploring Istanbul's cuisine, make sure you have at least two or three different types of vegetarian dishes to choose from. I've got used to putting these foods on my must list - try foods in and around Istanbul. It is a meal worth thinking about for a long time and you will stay full for days when you discover the endless attractions of Istanbul.

One of my favourite city tours is going out to eat, and with this experience I have discovered new favourite cuisines and now know where to find the best Turkish food in Istanbul. Food trips to Istanbul take you to places you would never have visited alone and introduce you to traditional Turkish cuisine.

Traditional Turkish cuisine may not be the first choice, but when it comes to Turkish desserts, it is one of the best in the world. Anatolia (Southeast Turkish cuisine) is known for its Turkish grilled mezze (spice desserts), including the famous baklava. There are plenty of options for tasty street food and some lesser known dishes such as kimchi, kibbeh, bok choy, tahini, pumpkin, kebab and ketchup.

Even if you are not a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, you will have very few options to eat in Istanbul. Turkish meat and bread would be a better description of lahmacun pide, but just go to it, it's known as "Turkish pizza." Turkish pizza, but it occupies a special place in the local cuisine.

This version with Durumcu Emmi is one of the best in Istanbul and we were lucky enough to try the original. It may not have been invented in Turkey, but the version we had in Durban was one of the good things we ate in Ankara. What I really love about Istanbul Food Tours is the small group size, because it is a great opportunity to get around the heart of Istanbul and eat good Turkish food from Istanbul.

We also learn about the history and culture of the people of Istanbul and hear personal anecdotes and stories from the leaders. We enjoyed a huge selection of Turkish dishes, including dishes we would not have known existed otherwise, and also learned a lot about history, culture and people in Istanbul. If you're not quite as ambitious, here are a few dishes from our list of "Must-eat good food from Istanbul." Turkish cuisine is worth a visit and visiting Istanbul helps to raise awareness of what everyone visiting the country should know.

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