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The first purpose - the Museum of Modern Art in Turkey, which opened in 2009, redraws the boundaries of the art scene and embraces the long-snubbed province. The History Museum was founded by the city of Istanbul in 2009 and is dedicated to the history of Istanbul since the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. It is located in the historic Taksim Square district, on the southwest corner of Bosphorus Street and in the old city of Istanbul.

It covers the history of Istanbul, Turkey and Islam and is the first museum complex to be built in Turkey. The Istanbul Archaeological Museum consists of three museums - the Topkapi Museum, the Taksim Museum and the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. All three museums present the archaeological and artistic treasures of the topkAPI collection. It is made of bricks and was built as part of the Ottoman Empire's efforts to modernize the city into a city by westernization.

The Archaeological Museum Istanbul (o public) was opened on October 1st, 1999, as part of the opening of Istanbul's first museum complex. It is the first Turkish museum to house the Turkish-Islamic arts and has a collection of over forty thousand works. The Museum of Islamic Works in Istanbul is one of the largest and most important museums of its kind in Turkey. There are now other toy museums in other Turkish cities, but this museum is an important world-class museum and has the advantage of being the only museum with a collection of more than forty thousand works in its collection.

The Turkish Islamic Art Museum, which exhibits Islamic calligraphy, tiles and carpets, is the leading museum of modern art in Istanbul. The Turkish-Islamic Museum of Works is the first Turkish museum to be completely covered with Turkish and Islamic art.

It is the best archaeological museum in Istanbul, which also offers its guests the opportunity to venture into the ancient city away from the crowds and visit the archaeological sites of the Ottoman Empire and other ancient civilizations. Stroll through Istanbul's east and west and explore the beautiful, bustling city of Turkey by visiting its museums and monuments.

If you have any plans to visit Istanbul, you should know that there is much to see here, and you can find a full list of museums and monuments in Istanbul here. If you're looking for inspiration, here are some of the biggest museums in Istanbul, in no particular order. We will review all the museums you visit, so if you want to add to our list of the best museums in and around Istanbul, please leave a comment below.

This is a historic site that will be preserved as a museum so that future generations can get an insight into the past. This is the renovated Istanbul Modern, and it is one of the most popular museums in Istanbul and the oldest museum in the city.

The Grand Palace Mosaic Museum is part of the Hagia Sophia Mosque and is located in Sultanahmet. The Chora Museum and Kariye Museum, just outside Hagias Sophia, was originally built as a Byzantine church and converted into a mosque before being converted into a museum. This is also a must - look at Istanbul, it is one of the most popular museums in Istanbul and the oldest museum in the city.

The architecture is typical of the Byzantine period and is considered the second largest Byzantine structure still standing in Istanbul. The Conquest of Constantinople (1453), described as a 3-D object painting, also with sounds. This describes the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottoman Empire in the late 14th and early 15th centuries and also includes the sound!

There are museum tours that tourists prefer if they want to learn more about the history of the places they visit when they speak Hagia. Just outside the Topkapi Palace are the Archaeological Museums of Istanbul, which contain the largest collection of museums in the world and the second largest museum in Turkey. The Museum of Islamic Art is located in the tiled kiosk of Cinili Kosk, and there is a museum tour for tourists who want to learn more about the history of a place they have visited, especially when talking to the Hagias. The Istanbul Archaeological Museum is housed in a large building on Taksim Square and includes the Museum of the Ancient Orient.

Admission is included in the 5-day Istanbul Museum Pass, and if you don't have one, admission is $20. The Istanbul Museum Pass is valid for 5 days And you get it for free, but The entrance fee is 20Lt. If you do not have one, the entrance fee is 20 Tl free and the entrance fee is included.

If you want to visit several cultural sites, you can purchase the five-day Istanbul Museum Pass, which offers free admission to some museums and a discount for others. You can choose to buy an admission ticket, but if it is easy to visit all the museums in Istanbul and avoid the last-minute rush, you need a way to buy tickets in advance. The price of the Istanbul Museum Card is 20 tsp ($20.00) for the 5-day ticket or 20 lt. If you visit the Istanbul Museum for more than 5 consecutive days, or even for a week or more in one day, the admission fee will increase.

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