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This article is about where to eat, sleep, drink really good coffee, get an incredibly delicious breakfast, eat a good kebab, try a local dessert, enjoy an evening on the Bosphorus with a cup of real Turkish tea. We have written this Istanbul guide to give you a list of things to do and the most incredible food to try on your trip to Istanbul.

We also provide tips on where to find the best food in Istanbul, Turkey, and provide a list of the city's most popular restaurants as well as information on where to stay. We hope this Istanbul foodie guide will teach you the things you do and the Istanbul food you don't want to miss. Turkish street food prepared for you, scroll down the list and be full when you discover Istanbul's endless attractions.

Here are our carefully selected top 10 restaurants in Istanbul to try during your visit to this beautiful city. Read our Istanbul travel guide and find out about the best restaurants in Istanbul, Turkey and the most popular places in the city of Istanbul.

Roof Mezze 360a, rated by Oneistanbul as the best Istanbul Rooftop restaurant, ensures that there is something for every taste. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy meal or a more expensive one, our list of the best cheap meals in Istanbul has something for everyone on a budget.

There is no doubt that gastronomy is one of the most popular activities in Istanbul, even more than shopping. Turkish friends say this traditional restaurant, located on the top floor of a building overlooking the Bosphorus, is a must for first-time visitors to Istanbul. Hailed by more than one source as perhaps the best restaurant in Ankara, there is always a reason to cross the Bosphorus to Asia.

The diversity of Turkish culture is reflected in the awe - inspiring and appetising flavours that can be found in this Istanbul restaurant. This restaurant takes your breath away with its gorgeous modern Ottoman cuisine. Turkish cuisine, this well established Istanbul restaurant, offers a wide range of it, from traditional dishes to modern dishes and even a few specialties.

Community Kitchen is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul, with a wide selection of meat - free dishes and vegetarian options. Turkish cuisine is already quite vegetarian - friendly, but the city of Istanbul has seen the need to exacerbate this reality by offering meatless sticks that can be shaken.

This is the kind of restaurant where people come back even if they only have a few nights in Istanbul. Istanbul has many good restaurants where you can learn how to cook some of the best dishes in Istanbul before you go home. Whether you are booking a planned experience or just happened to have a friend from Istanbul with you, you can enjoy a wide range of food at your family's house or in one of these restaurants.

For a kebab dinner with a beautiful view, try Hamdi, which is listed in most guidebooks and recommended by my Turkish friends. Competition between restaurants for the best baklava in Istanbul is fierce, but you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not recommend Karakoy. Tuba Istanbul Food says it's the "best kebab kebab in Turkey" and after eating there, I have no arguments against it. To experience the good Turkish cuisine, order the assorted meze platter, which starts with the kebab, and then a variety of other dishes, such as bektas, kefas and cones.

Here are some of the best restaurants I tried myself. If you write down your impressions of the restaurants you have visited and add them to your list of favorite places in Istanbul, I would be happy if you do so.

In summer, there are many rooftop and terrace restaurants in Istanbul, offering breathtaking views of the glittering Bosphorus Strait, the city skyline and the Istanbul skyline. From appetizing meals to breathtaking views, eating on the rooftops of Istanbul is an experience not to be missed. Rooftop restaurants in Turkey delight all the senses with a combination of delicious food, great views and breathtaking views.

If you fancy fine dining and want to experience Istanbul through the experience of an exclusive luxury space, this should be on your to-do list. What better way to capture the sights and sounds of Istanbul than from the roof of one of the world's most famous restaurants?

When you travel to the bazaar, palaces and culture of the city, you want to be sure you get to know the best restaurants in Istanbul where you can dine with authentic Turkish cuisine. If you don't have time to explore this city for a lifetime, here's the food you need to prefer in Turkey. If you are going to Istanbul and ready to train your taste buds, this is the have-to-eat Istanbul. This book could fill a book with all the good dishes of Istanbul that deserve your attention, but if you are looking for an excellent travel company, we cannot recommend it enough. The well-rated Istanbul Food has issued some great recommendations for food - centred Istanbul tours - and we recommend them enough.

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