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Although the diving season in Turkey usually lasts from April to November, it attracts a large number of tourists, mainly foreigners and expats, who live in the city. European holidaymakers are looking for a round of golf, although it is seen as a sport rather than a pursuit. Istanbul has two golf courses, but the popular sport is not very popular among locals.

s volleyball is also a popular hobby in Istanbul, which many young people use to keep fit or to play professionally. Although football is the most popular sport in Turkey, you can also watch football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, baseball and tennis outside Istanbul. Basketball, considered the most primal sport, is popular in the city, although basketball is popular outside Istanbul. European Championships, in which teams play in national leagues and participate in European Championships.

Visit Istanbul every July when the International Olympic Committee organizes the Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race. The Istanbul Aquatics Center, the largest swimming pool in Turkey, is the place to see the most energetic swimmers from all over the world.

If you want to do a marathon in Turkey but the Istanbul Marathon date doesn't suit you, there are a lot more. Istanbul has great football stadiums, and the main ones are concentrating on enjoying the long season. Football matches are played in the city's major stadiums, such as the Bosphorus Stadium, Taksim Stadium and Bekasi Stadium in Istanbul.

The team, also known as the White Seagulls, is one of the most popular teams in the Turkish Premier League. With 18 clubs in Istanbul and 5 teams in Istanbul, all are based here, which is BBK.

Super League matches are played in the Kasimpasa district, where Recep Tayyip Erdogan grew up, who has dominated Turkish politics since 2002. Turkish football was first played in the stadium where Zeytinburnu SK introduced it, the Taksim Stadium in Istanbul.

Since the start of the Turkish Super League in 1959, Galatasaray has overtaken arch rivals Fenerbahce and Besiktas to win the title of the most successful club in the history of Turkish football by winning the league title, the Champions League and the Europa League. So far, the Yellow Canaries have won the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, European Cup and UEFA Super Cup.

Since the start of the Turkish professional league in 1959, they have won 13 Turkish titles, 8 Turkish Cups and 7 Turkish Champions League titles as well as 4 Turkish Super Cups.

The first championship of Turkey in the European Cup was the Radivoj Korac Cup, which was won by the basketball players of Efes Pilsen in the 1995 - 1996 season. Nevertheless, it was Turkey's first Champions League title and the second Turkish Super Cup title for the club.

Since the Turkish Super League was founded in 1959, Fenerbahce have won three Champions League titles, three Turkish Cups and two Turkish League Cups. The club played in the Super League, which began in 1959, until 1990, when the management passed from the Istanbul High School Foundation to the Uzan family, a Turkish business dynasty.

That the Turkish team, inspired by NBA superstar Hedo Turkoglu, advanced to the finals before losing to Kevin Durant and the USA 81-64 signaled that the hosts had become a fixture on the world stage. As disappointing as the performance may have been to outsiders, for those who have experienced the country's growing passion for sport, especially in Istanbul, its success was inevitable. Their home is the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, home to Istanbul BB, one of Turkey's most famous football clubs. So this big stadium always looks totally empty and there is no one who loves it.

Earlier this year, a football team founded by a foreign occupying power in Istanbul won the title of Turkey's first national football league, the Taksim League. Since this year, Trabzonspor has been fighting for the Turkish league title as well as the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League.

The perception of mass and grassroots sport has become established, and Turkey is increasingly seen as an ideal host for sports venues. The state promotes and promotes sport in Turkey, and sports clubs receive financial support. The Turkish conscience and media coverage have helped to grow many sports that have not yet entered Turkey. Although sport has evolved over the years, Turkey remains strong in terms of its cultural identity.

The most important organisation providing services in the field of sport is, in addition to the Directorate-General for Youth and Sport, the National Olympic Committee of Turkey. Those who practice competitive sports in Turkey participate in sporting activities under the structure of 6,169 sports clubs. Although there is no sports federation in Turkey, citizens can play certain sports at local level. Turkish basketball clubs are some of the largest sports clubs that field teams, such as the Turkish national basketball team, and many of them, like the team from Spain, are the largest sports clubs in their respective countries and the second largest in Europe.

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