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There is a lot to do and see in Istanbul and I had the pleasure of living in the Turkish Capital of Culture for two months to give you all the tips you need to organise your holiday in and around Istanbul Turkey. I will share with you some of the best things I have done in Turkey, as well as some of my favorite places and sights.

If you are planning to visit Istanbul, you should know that there is a lot to see here. I cannot list the best of Istanbul in such a short time, so I will just mention a few of my favorite things to do in Istanbul. Read my Istanbul travel guide And I have described some of the most popular places and sights of the capital of Turkey, as well as some tips and tricks for your trip.

If you are in Turkey and want to return to the UK, you can book commercial flights directly from London Heathrow Airport. If you continue from Istanbul, you can choose to fly to Ephesus, Pamukkale or Alacati, where we can mosetize through Epheus and Pamukkale to Alacati. From Eminonu we can take a ferry that will take you to a number of places in Istanbul, visiting the mosques, the spice market and famous restaurants.

The famous Orient Express route is no longer operating, but you can use the EURAIL PASS to get there from Europe and travel to Turkey by train. For those visiting Istanbul for the first time, I recommend the Museum Pass for Turkey, which costs only 375 thousand and gives you access to all museums in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey. Taste of Two Continents Tour is the best food tour to Istanbul and worth every penny. We have received a media award for this tour, which I would recommend to anyone interested in visiting another part of Turkey.

If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, make sure you need the Turkey e-visa you are carrying with you to enter the country. If you are travelling to Turkey for tourism or business purposes, you will need a visa before entering Turkey. Those coming from Europe can enter Turkey without a visa, but there are some restrictions on travellers from other parts of the world, such as the Middle East and North Africa. For more information on visas - free travel in Turkey and EURAIL Pass for Turkey, please click here or go here.

Passengers who have been in the UK for the past 10 days will be quarantined at a location selected by the local Turkish authorities. Sabiha is an airport that offers PCR testing, but there may be additional restrictions if you travel to Turkey from a place other than Ireland. However, you may be allowed to travel to the UK from a third country, but you may not be subject to travel restrictions to other countries.

Unlike Turkey as a whole, Istanbul is quite liberal and you can basically do and do what you want, when you want. This is not necessarily ideal and women are still fighting for equality in Istanbul, but on the other hand their citizens know that tourism is important for Istanbul and Turkey as a whole. There are many places where you can really enjoy the sights and sounds of Istanbul.

There is plenty to see and more headlines from Istanbul, but don't let these little facets of the trip to Istanbul affect you. I hope this Istanbul foodie guide will give you a list of things you want to do, where to stay and what not to miss about Istanbul food. If you are not sure about travelling in Istanbul, I hope this guide will rebalance your perspective and encourage you to remember that Istanbul is a cool city.

Compared to cities in Europe, Istanbul is quite cheap, but somewhat more expensive compared to cities in Southeast Asia. Here you will find a selection of delicious Turkish cuisine to whet your appetite in Istanbul, and here are some of the best restaurants I have had the pleasure of trying during my trip. Food is not cheap in Turkey and you would pay a fortune for a good meal, so do not overspend.

In major cities like Istanbul there are certain areas that tourists should avoid, so do your research beforehand. Some people who travel to Istanbul are often advised to go to the large shopping centres, which are not tourist and the prices are lower, but they do not.

Public transport, including the metro systems in Istanbul and Ankara, is considered safe for travel in general, with the exception of some regions. In most parts of Turkey, including Ankara and Istanbul, special vigilance is required in public transport.

The streets and alleys of Istanbul are particularly frightening as they can be confusing, but travelers, including Americans, still travel to Turkey. Travelling in Turkey is the same as travelling in almost any other country, and as a single person in Istanbul, most of us find the beauty and benefits that make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. As a woman, I never felt unsafe when travelling through Turkey And I was so excited to fall in love with my wife when we were hiking through Istanbul to make a video for a travel guide. Besiktas was the first place I fell in love with while travelling through Turkey, and that is why I am so proud that I have

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More About Istanbul